torsdag 22. oktober 2009

Juleglede på forskudd

På flickr fant jeg i kveld dette fantastiske bildet tatt av magda.indigo, som forteller følgende om det:

We had a photo gallery and it was just before Christmas. I was doing the window dressing, and had decided, since Christmas is greatly connected with children to use that as a theme. I bought one of the electrical Santas holding a candle, moving his head, with a very kind and jolly face, totally new then, a huge success, kids kept dragging their parents to see it.

It was in the morning, cold and driftsnow flying, nobody in the streets yet, although the angels were already singing the carols over the tannoys.
Santa was doing his thing, I was giving the framed images a last wipe, when I heard a gentle thump and I looked up to see this sweet tender moment.

This elderly gent stood there, looking with the joy of a child in his eyes.

I grabbed my camera, I saw I had one shot on a 400 asa left to take this one off image, I also did not know how long he was going to brave the elements, turned out he gazed for quite some time. ONE SHOT
Always keep the child in a small corner of your heart, never let go of that wonderful feeling...

Et fantastisk bilde jeg bare måtte dele med dere.

I dag gleder jeg meg også til jul.

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